'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'

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Poppy's chemo hasn't worked

Hi All,
We met with Dr. Peet this afternoon, Poppy's scan shows the tumour has grown - it is not huge growth, but certainly visible to our eyes, you can see a clear difference between this scan & the one in January. So, the chemo has been stopped. We will now wait for meetings with the Radiotherapy team, Neurosurgeons, etc - to plan Poppy's radiotherapy. She will also need to have a mask made, and we hope to sort out some play therapy to help her to cope with this next step in her usual strong way. We expect radiotherapy to begin in 4 to 6 weeks time (approx). It will be at the QE Hospital in Birmingham, Mon to Fri for 6 weeks. Poppy's friend who also has a brain tumour, Abi has kindly offered to help Poppy through some of the steps she'll need to take - like having the mask of her head made. So, thank you Abi (and Sarah!! x) - you are a little star! (Happy 7th birthday too!)
We are upset that we have reached this point, but see it as the next step to help Poppy in her fight against this awful illness. Radiotherapy is the best chance Poppy has now at having stable tumour (hopefully dead tumour!!!!). It works really well in about 2/3 of cases of Optic Glioma we have been told, so that is very encouraging. We know that there will be some long term damage (mainly to the pituitary gland & some of Poppy's learning ability) - but we will find out more from our meetings. The way we are trying to view it is that if this works it could be the thing that finally kicks that wretched tumour on the butt for once & for all!!!! I will keep everyone informed as soon as we know anything. Please pray for Poppy. Thank you.
On a completely different note now - when Poppy started chemo she asked if she could have a kitten. Well, Ruby, a tiny tabby & white kitten joined us 2 weeks ago - she is 9 weeks old now. She & Poppy are inseparable - Poppy spends most of her time giggling too!!! She has brought so many smiles to our house (oh, but not from our other cat, Max - he hasn't been impressed - although he is getting used to Ruby now!). I've attached 2 photos - one of Poppy & Ruby having a cuddle & one of them playing!!
Poppy appeared in Take a Break magazine 2 weeks ago - Ann Coleman (my friend's mother-in-law) wrote the story - it was beautiful. She very kindly donated the fee of £750 to our appeal. Thank you, Ann. We held a 'Medical Questionnaire Day' here a few weeks ago too - & raised over £300!! Thank you Suzanne & all who took part in it! We will try to organise another one soon for those who were interested.
I am now doing my sponsored slim. In 2 weeks I have lost 6lbs!!! It is all thanks to a fantastic group of ladies who have been supporting me & keeping me going. In the last week I had Poppy ill Monday with tonsillitis, then chemo Tuesday, my Nan was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer on Wednesday & my Grandad had a heart attack on Friday, Poppy's scan Friday too, then we got Poppy's results today. Now, usually (not that I usually have a week quite so traumatic thankfully!) I would've eaten EVERYTHING going, but because of my 'Slimming Group' I've really stuck at it!!! Thank you ladies - you are all stars!! We have lost over 2 stone between us already!!! Hopefully we will raise lots too!!! Thank you to those who have sponsored me (either online or on my paper form!). I've raised £183 so far!!!!
I hope this email finds everyone well. Thank you for always thinking of Poppy. Your messages mean so much.
Love to all,
Lisa, Brian & Poppy Guilder

'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'