'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'

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Poppy's Update - August 2009

Poppy's Update August 2009
Hi All,
Well, I've just realised our last update was May!!! How time flies when you're living a 'normal' family life!!! Poppy has only been to the hospital once since then, to check her growth & hormones - but she needs no treatment for this as yet. Other than that, we've just been very busy doing lovely things like any other family! Here's our news...
Poppy is enjoying her summer holidays (me too!!) & will be in Year 2 when she returns in September. Mrs Parr (Poppy's SEN teaching assistant) will stay with Poppy next year too, helping her to stay on task & enjoy school life - Poppy is currently still exceeding all expectations & is above average for her age!
We enjoyed a lovely family holiday in Spain in July & it was the first time we had a holiday nothing hanging over us - no scans, chemo, worries.... such a lovely feeling, we feel truly blessed & know how incredibly lucky we are. Poppy is now filling her days swimming, playing in her wooden house or on her trampoline, playing with friends or pestering her cat Ruby!!!!
Poppy has her next scan on September 7th - the 4 month gap being her longest ever off treatment. As always, we are praying for good news.
Fundraising Thanks
We were incredibly lucky in June to be chosen as 'Sainsbury's Tamworth Charity Partner' for the year. We have lots of fantastic fundraising ideas planned for the coming months - so watch this space. We are thrilled that the staff there have already raised lots & are so enthusiastic & friendly!!! We think this partnership is going to be a real winner!!!
Other fundraising thanks go to...
Shrewsbury High School - who raised over £600 by holding a fashion show & other events - al organised by an amazing group of 14-year-old girls!!! WOW!!! Dr. Peet's daughter, Lydia, was the star behind it all, with the support of her family & friends too.
Russ Cockburn - who cycled 100 miles & raised a fantastic £1505!!! Amazing!
Lisa Kelly - who ran 10km & raised a fab £436!! Brilliant!
Ogley Hay Lodge Masons - who raised £155 at a dinner event (thanks to Pauline & Brian Mandry x)
Dean Moseley - who let us fundraise at his 40th birthday party - £110 was raised!!
Lilleshall Cricket Club - who played our very own 'Poppy Fields CC' & raised a magnificent £191!!!
Stansfields Hairdressers - who donated a fab prize to Sainsbury's Tamworth - which raised £100 (and they gave Poppy a beautiful bracelet too).
The White Hart, Cannock - for raising a fab £90 from collections.
As you can see, we continue to be overwhelmed by the amazing support our fundraising receives, especially during the current financial climate. Thank you EVERYONE!!!
Future Fundraising Events
Some of the events we have in the pipeline are...
'Sock it to 'em!' - linked with Sainsbury's Tamworth - we're aiming to get local schools & businesses to wear silly socks for the day & pay £1 per person to do so!!! If you would like to take part, please let us know! Thank you! What a simple way to raise awareness & lots of money too!!
'80s / 90s FOAM BOMB party' - this would be for over 18s only & fantastic fun!!! Do you know any 80s or 90s celebs who could join us & make it even more amazing?
'Sponsored Ghost Hunt' - would you be willing to be sponsored by your family & friends to spend the night somewhere haunted to help us raise more money to help children like Poppy? Spooky but a great idea!!
We also have my sister Mich, her friend Andy, Abi's dad Steve & his work colleagues running the Birmingham Half Marathon in October for 'Poppy Fields'.  Wonderful!!!
Our group on Facebook is growing by the day. We have now set up a 'Special Mums & Dads' group on there too, so that parents like us can meet & chat online. If you are on Facebook, please do join Poppy's group, invite all of your friends too!! Thank you!! (The link is at the bottom)
Through Facebook we have also met lots of other families in situations similar to ours, including recently Liberty Rose & her family who only live 14 miles away, and yet Liberty is fighting exactly the same tumour as Poppy. Her parents are also fundraising for Brain Tumour Research & we hope to form links together now. Please visit: 
Facebook has been a great tool for finding & supporting each other. There are so many children out there going through so much, it is heartbreaking.
Our Website
I'm still trying to add to our website, so it still very much a 'work in progress', but there is now a comprehensive section providing support for parents of children with brain tumours & other serious illnesses. The story ' Welcome to Holland' on there explains how it feels to have a child with a serious illness.
Poppy's Friends
Thank you all who ask about Poppy’s friends too. We are happy to report that they too are all well at the moment - an amazing group of kids!! Please may we ask for your continued thoughts & prayers for Poppy & her friends - Abi, George, Jasmine, Haydn, Mia, Hope, Alex & all of the special kids from our Optic Glioma Online support group & our Oncology Friends. Thank you.
We used to ask for prayers for Billy, who was diagnosed with Grade 4 Neuroblastoma at only 4-months-old. He has been in remission for a while now & doing so well he no longer needed to be on our list... well in September he starts school & I'm going to be his teacher!!!! How amazing & wonderful is that? Anne-Marie, Darryl, Billy & Aeryn - we are so proud to be telling everyone this news, what a wonderful little boy & a lovely family xxx
Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers, they mean so much to us. We hope this finds you all well.
Love Lisa, Brian & Poppy Guilder
PS Poppy in Spain looking lovely!

'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'