'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'

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Poppy's Update & Scan Results - July 2011

Hi Everyone,
I hope this email finds you all well!!! Firstly I'd like to apologise as it has been over 4 months since our last update - SORRY! Trying to juggle our jobs, Poppy's social life, fundraising, support group & a toddler, time just seems to rush by!! Lily is now 13 months old, walking & talking & Poppy absolutely adores her!!!! So, there is a lot to share with you all now...
Poppy's Scan Results
Poppy's last scan in June showed that once again her tumour had unfortunately grown - only another 1mm - but nevertheless growth - not what we wanted to hear. Poppy's growth hormone injections were decreased in March, but this is clearly not the cause of the tumour growth. So, we are sitting quietly, patiently willing it to be a blip, hoping hard that things stabilise on their own again. Poppy's next scan will be in September. Should things continue to progress, there are other chemotherapy protocols available to Poppy, but we are pushing those firmly to the backs of our minds for now, and hoping Poppy never needs further treatment. As always, we ask for your thoughts & prayers for positive news for Poppy. She has been fighting her tumour for over 7 years now, at only 8 years old that is some achievement.
Poppy's Achievements
Poppy, as always, is living life to it's fullest, juggling school, dancing lessons (over 4 hours a week now!), swimming lessons & watching her daddy play cricket!!! She's a constant source of fun...with a whole heap of attitude thrown in for good measure too!!! Yesterday, I watched her take part in her school sports day, I wanted to share our conversation with you all...
Poppy: "I'm really good at running!!!"
Mommy: "Are you? I was rubbish!! I always came last!!!"
Poppy: "I always come last too, but I'm really good!!!!"
And, bless her, she did come last...with a huge smile on her face!!! Such a star!!!
Pride of Tamworth Awards
My lovely sister, Mich, very kindly nominated us for a 'Pride of Tamworth' award. The event took place last week, we were placed in the top 3 within the fundraisers of the year category & were very proud! Then, the Chief Executive of Tamworth Borough Council announced that he had a special award to present - to Poppy - 'Young Person of Inspiration' - I was so busy crying I didn't take any photos of Poppy collecting her award!!! And to top it off Poppy received a standing ovation too!!! She will be in the Tamworth Herald this week (Thursday 14th July), we can't wait to see the photos!!
Fundraising - new total of over £140,000!!!
Well, so much has happened in the last 4 months I'm not sure where to begin!!!!
  • Our 6th annual ball in March was a huge success & we raised our highest amount ever - a wonderful £7000!!!!! Thank you so much to all who supported us!!! You are all amazing!!!!
  • We are now charity partner's with NAMCO Funscape Tamworth - the brilliant 'Cycle Challenge' organised by our good friend John Hill in April raised over £6000 (when everyone has collected their sponsor money in!!!) - Poppy herself cycled (on an exercise bike) a total of 22km despite not yet being able to ride a normal bike!!! We were so proud to see so many of her friends joining in too!!! Well done everyone & THANK YOU!!!!
  • Signet Birmingham - a company of over 600 people - were looking for a charity partner for the next 3 years. Our friends Jason & Veronica kindly helped us to become known there - after a vote it was a draw between 2 charities - so they are supporting both us & Acorns for the next 3 years!! We are so excited to be working with all at Signet & the experienced fundraising team from Acorns.
  • Thanks to my brother, Matt, Poppy Fields is now on eBay! He has been busy selling an assortment of items donated by people, and using 'Music Magpie' to raise funds from CDs, etc too. If you have any old CDs, DVDs, etc that you would like to donate, please contact Matt at: & please visit our eBay listings with seller 'poppyfieldsappeal'
  • There are also numerous people who have run marathons, had their hair cut off, taken part in amazing challenges - all for Poppy Fields - please visit the special friends section of our website to find out more!
Fundraising - upcoming events...
Again so much is happening, I'm sorry if I forget anything!!!
  • My brother has registered Poppy Fields with a company who pay you for your old ink cartridges - if you have any used cartridges please send them our way to help us raise more for BCH!!! Thank you :o)
  • August 2011 - we are hoping to arrange a kids party at Kube Tamworth - watch this space!!!
  • September 2011 - the Poppy Fields Zumbathon will take place on 17th September at 1pm at Wilnecote High School, Tamworth - for 3 hours - either £10 to enter or get sponsored!!! Please do join us!!!
  • October 2011 - LD Fitness (as well as giving me & Bri free gym membership & supporting our ball) are taking part in Survival of the Fittest!!!
    October 2011 - on 21st NAMCO Funscape are supporting us in our 2nd Silly Socks Day - we want as many schools & companies to donate just £1 to wear silly socks for the day!! We raised £2000 when we did it 2 years ago!! Let's see if we can beat that...come on everyone....Sock it to 'em for Poppy!!!!!!
  • November 2011 - we will once again be holding our annual disco@KUBE night!!!! So watch this space!!!
Details of all events & our fundraising are on Poppy's website -
Poppy's Friends
It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you all that lovely George Vale passed away a couple of weeks ago, aged just 14, after 7 years of fighting his brain tumour. He was one of the nicest lads we ever met, so bubbly and so courageous, we are devastated that he has lost his battle after fighting so hard. Our thoughts & love are with Adele, Paul & Billy at this very sad time xxxx
Also, our thoughts & love are with an online friend, Hannah, whose daughter Arwen passed away in June. Together we need to keep raising money for research so more children do not lose their lives needlessly to brain tumours.
As always we ask for your thoughts & prayers for Poppy & her friends - Abi, Jasmine, Haydn, Mia, Isabel, Lorna, Jamie, Hope, Alex, Liberty & all of the special kids from our Facebook Oncology group of friends, Poppy Fields Special Mums & Dads & the Optic Glioma Online support group, THANK YOU. And we need to add to the list little Tilly, aged just 22-months, whose lovely mom Louise & sister Olivia have supported our fundraising many times in the past. We were so upset to hear that little Tilly was diagnosed with a brain tumour last Thursday. She faces a gruelling 9-hour surgery tomorrow at BCH. Our love, thoughts & prayers are with them all xxxxxx
Thank you all for your continued support, we really appreciate it.

Poppy & Lily on our holiday to Malcolm Sargent House in May.
Lisa, Brian, Poppy & Lily Guilder

'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'