'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'

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Scan Results January 2009

Poppy's Scan Results January 2009
Hi All,
We hope you all had a great Christmas!!!! It was a very busy, but fun time in the Guilder house!!! I've finally found time to send an update, so here is all our latest news...
Scan Results
Poppy had her scan on 30th December. She was a little star again & lay very still for the first half an hour in the scanner. They then had to inject contrast dye for the second half of a scan. Poppy kept saying 'I'll be brave, crying doesn't help!', bless her. However, they could not access a vein, so after half an our of needles in Poppy's hands, feet & arms, and Poppy crying 'Why do I have to have a brain tumour?' (which made me cry!!), they gave up. We spent a long time in the Disney store that afternoon, to try to cheer Poppy up.
On Monday 5th January, Dr Peet called us to say that he'd looked at the results without contrast & was VERY concerned by the size of the cyst. He asked lots of questions about how Poppy is & was relieved to hear that se was just fine!!
We then returned to BCH on Tuesday 6th January. Poppy had a cannular put in in the Oncology Dept this time, with lots of tears, but it went in on the 2nd attempt. She then had the second half of her scan, before we saw Dr Peet about the official results. As always, it was a mixed bag...
POSITIVES - the tumour is breaking down!!! Yippee!!!! This is a fantastic sign!!!! Also, a new cyst that had appeared last time has almost disappeared!!! Wonderful!!!
NEGATIVES - Poppy's old cyst is HUGE. It is the biggest it has ever been, and has pushed her ventricles to the side. Her brain stem is also under an awful lot of pressure, hence Dr Peet's concern. However, Poppy currently (amazingly!) has absolutely no symptoms. The general feeling is that Poppy needs more surgery, to once again drain the cyst, but as she has no symptoms & is in Dr Peet's words 'fantastic' at the moment, we are just going to keep a very close eye on her. We have a long list of very scary symptoms to look out for, but are really hoping that Poppy proves everyone wrong yet again, and that maybe this cyst will start to disappear on its own too!!
We are now getting very excited about our 4th Poppy Fields Ball, on January 31st. This year we have 250 guests attending!!!! We  raised £4000 last time, so would love to raise £5000 this time!!! We have been very lucky to have so many fantastic prizes donated....THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SUPPORTED US!!!
Our nephew, Peter, was chair of his 6th form committee last year & organised some fundraising activities....we are very grateful to have received £450 from Idsall School, Shifnall. Thank you, Peter & all your friends!!!
We have also been supported by many other people lately - selling jewellery boxes, making & selling 'reindeer food', selling raffle tickets, etc - so THANK YOU ALL!!!!
'Poppy Fields Special Mummies & Daddies'
We have discovered recently, that there is very little support locally for parents who have a seriously ill child. Therefore me & Sarah (Abi's mommy) set up our own support group. We have had 2 meetings so far & really are able to help each other. So far there are 8 of us, and we are sure the group will grow. We meet on the first Monday of each month at The Coton Centre, Comberford Road, Tamworth - from 11am until 1pm. The staff at the Coton Centre have been so supportive & we are very grateful to them. We hope that 'Poppy Fields' will be able to fund massages, pamper sessions, etc, to help parents in difficult situations have just a little bit of stress relief. Our next meeting is on Monday 2nd February if anyone fancies joining us.
Other News
Poppy celebrated her 6th birthday last Friday (9th). We can't believe how grown up she is getting!!! We are extremely proud of her!!! She is now approaching 5 years since her diagnosis. She has come such a long way & we are so grateful for every day with our precious little girl. Poppy is still lively & sparkly & loving playing with her kitten, Ruby, and the piles of toys she had for Christmas & her birthday!!!
Before Christmas I did an interview with Cancer Research Uk, which you can read online at:
Also, I did a Podcast interview which can be found at: - it's the December Podcast, and I'm the second interview on there!!! Spot that Brummy accent!!!!
Poppy's Friends
Please could you pray for Poppy & some of her friends who are also undergoing treatment for their illnesses - Abi, George, Jasmine, Haydn, Mia, Hope, Alex & all of the special kids from our Optic Glioma Online support group. Sadly, little Ollie who we have previously asked for prayers for, passed away aged 4. Our love & thoughts are with his family.
Thank you all for thinking of Poppy, it means so much to us.
Love to all,
Lisa, Brian & Poppy

'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'