'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'

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Update August 2008

Hi All,
Well, firstly, apologies for the big gap since I last updated. The time has flown!!! I hope this email finds everyone well. Here is our news....
Poppy - post-radiotherapy
Poppy is now just over 6 weeks post-radiotherapy. She is extremely tired, but otherwise well in herself. She seems to have reached a peak in terms of tiredness this week, but we know that this could carry on for a while longer yet. Her skin is no longer red, but she has started to swell across her eyes & the bridge of her nose this week. I have been worried, as she looks poorly, but the hospital have reassured us that it is just another side-effect from the treatment. Poppy is at BCH on Tuesday, to have her port flushed, so we will get her checked out again then.
Poppy starts back to school next week, as a grown up Year 1, how time flies! Hopefully, she will be feeling okay by then, as she is more tired now, than when she was actually having the treatment.
Poppy's 1st post-radio scan is on 29th September without a General Anaesthetic. (another one is booked for 1st Oct with a GA, just in case Poppy can't lie still enough!). We are not expecting clear results at this stage, it will probably just be a bit blurry with swelling we think, as the radiotherapy will carry on working now for up to 2 years. Its so different to the other treatments that Poppy has had. So, for once we are not pinning all if our hopes on the scan results. We are just going day-by-day, using how Poppy is in herself as our guide, and praying that the treatment is doing its job efficiently!!
Dr Peet has had a paper of his research accepted for publication in the 'European Journal of Cancer' (about Policytic Astrocytomas - Poppy's tumour type). Dr Peet sent us a letter of thanks, as Poppy Fields has been acknowledged specifically in this publication, due to our £19,000 donation for his research.
We have met yet another family from Tamworth, whose son was diagnosed with a brain tumour in May. Again, the scanner that we purchased & one of our High Dependency Monitors, were used to help in his treatment & recovery. All of this makes us realise how important the fundraising is to other families at BCH.
Tamworth Fire Service held a charity car wash on Saturday 9th August at ASDA Tamworth. Despite awful weather, they still raised £170!! The photos are on our website. They will be presenting the cheque on Tuesday 9th September. THANK YOU!!!!!
Sponsored Slim - we are still going at it, although I've had a blip lately!!! We have lost over 15 stone now between us. I'm back at work next week & hoping to get back on track!!!! Well done, ladies, keep going!!!!
Adidas 5k Women's Challenge - myself, my sister, Michelle, and friend, Lucy, are taking part in this on Sunday 7th September!!! Dressed as High School Musical Cheer leaders!!!! My slimming/run sponsor form is up to £478 now (THANK YOU!!!) - I'd love to make it up to £500!!! If you would like to sponsor me the website is
Poppy starts swimming lessons in September. Sandra from 'STROKES' in Tamworth has very kindly wavered fees for Poppy's lessons. Therefore we have donated the £38 fee for a block of 10 lessons to POPPY FIELDS. Thank you, Sandra!!!
We are getting closer to the Poppy Fields 2009 Ball now - so watch this space for details of tickets, dates, times, etc!!!
CLIC Sargent
We were extremely fortunate in August to go on holiday to Malcolm Sargent House in Prestwick, Scotland for a week. The house is run by the CLIC Sargent Charity, for families with children with cancer. It was a wonderful experience. We were so well looked after, felt so 'at home' there & met some great families too. It was a beautiful place, and we can't wait to go back. The house is funded purely by donations. When we were there, they had just had 2 lovely wooden play houses donated for the gardens. Poppy loved playing in them, but they had no furniture. We therefore donated £500 from POPPY FIELDS specifically to furnish the 2 wooden play houses. I've attached 2 photos from our holiday. We now want to retire to the Isle of Aran!!!!
We would like to thank CLIC Sargent for a lovely holiday & a very much needed break. If you would like to know more about their work, please visit
Our Website
The 'NEWS' section on our website is now up & running (thanks, Lee!!), so I'll try to keep it up-to-date with news on our latest fundraising events.
Thank you all for your continuing thoughts & prayers. They mean so much to us.
Please could you also pray for Abi, George, Ollie, Haydn & Hope - who are also currently battling brain tumours.
Love to all,
Lisa Brian & Poppy Guilder

'Poppies grow in an environment of wind, rain and the worst nature can throw at them. Despite this they grow up strong and hardy, yet delicate and beautiful.'